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The Netonator is no longer accepting clients. Thank you for the many years of  support.


Total Website Solution is more than just a catch-phrase. It is a philosophy. TWS means simply providing every service needed to put the digital representation of your company, organization or you on the world wide web. This includes web design, web hosting, photography and image enhancement, graphical design and programming.

I believe that there is more to creating a website than just putting together some code and uploading it to a web server. Website design is an art, a discipline and those who know me would probably say 'a way of life.' I believe that when someone visits a website that I design, they should see a reflection, not of me, but of the company, organization or individual that the website represents. I always want to know more about my clients.

Designing a website is not easy... at least not for me. It requires patience, diligence, curiosity, tenacity and sometimes even prayer. I will be honest with you, I'm not even nearly good enough. Every day brings a new challenge, a new lesson and a new growing experience and I like to think that each day I am getting better.

Sometimes I wonder why I am enthralled about web design. I think it might have something to do with my fascination with the internet. It still leaves me in awe to think how someone in China or New Zealand or Hoboken, New Jersey can click on the mouse of their computer and instantly be transported to a place in the digital world that represents a local company.

If you are looking for someone to design your website, I hope you will consider me. I promise that I will give your design project my all.

Life, Love & Laughter

Jerry Sutton

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