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I'm a skeptical person, So if someone were to tell me that I could get a Hundred Dollar website, my first thought would be, "must not be much of a website."

These Hundred Dollar Websites are actually pretty good websites. It's just that they aren't very big. Many businesses in today's economy forego a website because they're not sure that their investment will return dividends to them in the near future. Not willing to plunk down several hundred (or thousand) dollars, they leave their business outside of the cyber world.

This is no longer necessary. A Hundred Dollar Website will give your business a much needed web presence without you having to invest a lot of money.

First, we'll talk about what you'll get:

  • A one page website that will give your visitors the basic information about your business.
  • A personal, one of a kind domain name. This can be anything you want as long as it hasn't already been registered. (Domain name example: www.netonator.com.)
  • One email address connected to your domain name. (Example: yourname@yourbusiness.com)
  • Duration of your website, domain name and email address is one full year.
  • 2 Free minor content modifications.

Now, the particulars about what it will cost:

  • $100 for the 1st year dependent upon signing a 3 year contract.
  • $100 for each of the 3 years ($100 payable at the contract anniversary - that's $300 for 3 years.). Now here's where we get to the really good part.
  • After the first 3 years, the cost to maintain your website is just $39.95 per year. This includes the website, domain name, email address and 2 free minor content modifications... thats Per Year! No other costs!

I don't know of anyone offering that kind of a product, with that kind of service for that low of a price.

Call me today at 479-650-1904 or email me and we'll get started on your new website. You almost can't afford not to.

(Offer of committments may be for a limited time.)