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Do I need a website?

Obtaining a website for your business, organization or personal use can be an intimidating venture. Who do you go to? Who can you trust? Can you even afford a website? Do you dare venture out and try to build your own? Is it even worth the effort?

These and many more questions will cross your mind. Hopefully, all of your questions will be answered on this website. If not, feel free to use the contact page to get your personalized answer.

Is it worth it?

First things first. Is it even worth the time, effort and expense. Well, it's like the story about the old farmer (click for the story.)

What do you want your website to do?

  • Do you want your business to have the potential to be exposed to thousands of local future customers from the comfort of their home?

  • Would you like to offer your products or services to the millions of people worldwide?

  • Would you like to provide valuable information to individuals about your organization with just a click of a button

If you could answer "yes" to ANY of the questions above, then it is worth the effort .

Do you try to build your own?

There are many tools and websites available to allow you to easily create your own website. Some of them are pretty easy to use. There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before attempting to build a website.

"Do you want your website to look like a professional website or would you be satisfied with a website that looks like it has been created by a layman?"

Do you want your website to look similar to a lot of other websites that are out there.

Do you have the personal time to commit to building a website.

The appearance of your website is just as important to your business as the appearance of your employees, your vehicles, your building and even yourself. You need a website that is going to make the best possible presentation to your customers and potential customers.

Who do you go to and who can you trust?

Thee are a lot of web designers out there... a lot of good ones too. There are larger companies who employ various specialists to work on different aspects of a website. There are some individuals, such as myself, who does it all themself. There are pros and cons to both alternatives. To help you decide, just ask yourself if you would prefer to deal with a salesman or lead man who isn't intimately involved with every aspect of your website or would you prefer to talk to the same person each time who is actually doing the work. Does it matter whether or not you can reach someone on the weekends?(I have no weekends.)

I care about each website I design and maintain. Not just during the development and deployment stage, but for the life of the website. I have customers who have been with me for 6 years and I am always available to answer their questions and solve any problems that might arise.