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The cost of a website can be varied depending upon the sophistication, capabilities and scope of it's intended use. For a basic website, the cost starts at $250 for the first page and $200 for each subsequent page. (A page in this case is a static page with fixed data. You would not pay $200 for each page that is generated through a database-- the cost would be much lower.) This price includes the associated graphics and artwork, plus 1 email address and 1 year domain name registration.

There is a minimum web page count of 5 pages for a CMS (content management system) due to the time intensive nature of installing, configuring and populating the underlying framework. (There is a $500 surcharge for initial construction and a $100 surcharge for yearly hosting to maintain security updates.)

For time intensive design applications, the basic rate is $36 per hour with surcharges to be applied when a super-fast turnaround is required.

Individual service fees are listed below

  Photography on-site------------------------------ $50.00* /hr
  Logos & graphics creation---------------------- $36.00* /hr
  Flash Creation------------------------------------- $36.00 /hr
  Web hosting---------------------------------------- $  9.95 /mo* and up
  Website updates 1-------------------------------- $36.00 /hr * minimum 10 minutes
  E-commerce site---------------------------------- Depends on size and scope
  Facebook Forwarding2--------------------------- $35.00/first yr. $25 subsequent years.
  Domain Name Registration--------------------- $25.00 /yr.*


1Dynamic websites are available which will allow the client to edit their content directly, thus eliminating a charge for website updates.

2Facebook Forwarding is having your own unique domain name forward to your Facebook page. It includes domain name registration.

*Depending on project size, these charges are often reduced or eliminated entirely.